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Soda Springs Winchester

Discover the captivating allure of my Golden Retriever’s unique coat- it’s stunning blend of fiery red, silky smoothness, and a touch of elegance!

Chester lives with a caring guardian who adores him. It’s hard not to spoil him when he’s so adorable and affectionate, with long, soft, flowing red hair. Chester is a calm boy, he is very toy driven, and his parents are excellent bird hunters. His pups have been turning out very nicely, intelligent, and easy to train.

  • Penn-hip .46
  • OFA Elbows-Normal
  • OFA Cardiac- Normal
  • More information about Chester can be found here

kbky/ee/BB/atat and light shedding TT

Live Coverage, side x side AI or fresh chilled shipping available


The Unicorn Golden

Introducing Hibberts Upland Preacher, a beloved companion with a laid-back personality and a passion for a long snuggle. Preacher has a remarkable track record, producing exceptional puppies with a penchant for excelling in companion and therapy roles. His offspring inherit stunning sable and chocolate colors in Golden Doodles. Weighing 60 lbs and standing 23″ tall, Preacher boasts impressive OFA and Embark clearances, along with a genetic code of KbrKy/ee/Bb/SS. Limited reservations for frozen shipping are now open for this Doodle-friendly sire.

Captain Henri

Ready to be a daddy, reduced fees to get started!

Henri brings joy to my parents every single day. I’m excited to offer Henri at a reduced fee to help more families experience his wonderful presence in way of his puppies! Henri is a perfect 32lbs, with a stunning mix of merle and black and white parti colors, plus the soft curls that make him simply beautiful.

  • Penn Hip Score: 0.41
  • OFA Hip Preliminary Result: Good
  • OFA Elbow Preliminary Result: Normal
  • OFA Patella: Normal
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal
  • 1 Copy IVDD Otherwise Clear


Live coverage, side by side AI, or fresh chilled shipping options are available

Scooter Rigby

Multigen Goldendoodle mini. reduced stud fees this spring

Scooter is a cheerful and carefree boy who adores the many children he lives with. There’s always someone for him to love. He is a lucky guy, a multi-gen Goldendoodle with genetic Canine health check. Scooter is 14″ tall and weighs 17 lbs, with a chocolate merle coat.

  • Pennhip- .41
  • OFA Hips- Good
  • OFA Elbows- Normal
  • OFA Patella- Normal
  • OFA Eyes- Normal
Ee kbky AwAt bb Ssp Mm FF CuCu+/+

However, it’s important to note that he carries CDDY/IVDD

Live Coverage, side x side Ai or Fresh chilled shipping available

Current Moms

Female golden retriever sitting in the grass.


Hibbert’s Upland Heather is a delightful and affectionate girl. The puppies sired by Chester and Heather inherit their charming, bright, and joyful nature.

For information about their genetics and OFA Hips, Elbows, Eyes, and Heart, visit

Heather is the 4th generation in our family line of Goldens. Gunney, Hibberts Upland Gunner, was an excellent bird dog and an even better friend.

Female light brown Goldendoodle in the grass.



Cream colored Goldendoodle sitting.