Toys and Tools for Success!

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Here are the toys, tools, and products that I use and find very helpful. The key is to establish a training schedule that works for you and to be consistent. In addition to brushing, your dog needs weekly care. Click for links!

I just wanted to suggest a few of the items I have found helpful in having a new puppy, and dogs in general. The more prepared you are. the happier all will be. Everyone loves a smooth transition.
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Crates, pens and bedding

we fulfill all your needs

Crates -This is the crate I suggest for my puppies. I love the 2 doors, comes in so handy. I have 2 posted here, one is 25′ tall and the other is 30″ tall. so depending on the length of time the dog is in the crate shoould determine the size you need. The large is sufficent for mine, they aren’t that tall.
I also have found that some dogs as well as families like the plastic crate. More contained, the blankets, toys and treats stay in.

Toys, treats and boredom busters

we fulfill all your needs

Love these toy, the dogs love the plush and it holds up to my chewers.

The stuffless toys have crinkle sounds and the dog LOVE having a kill… Heather keeps stealing from the puppy stash of toys

​​​​​​​​​​​Toys, balls, squeakers, ropes.
Nylabone Teether is a family favorite. Several litters and my adult dogs love it and it’s still holding up!

This is my latest, greatest discovery! SNUFFLE MAT
Entertainment for your dog. Think about it, they don’t watch TV. They chew, nap, play around and get into trouble when they get bored. Let them snuffle and work for their
treats for a good long while.

Plus its WASHABLE.

I added this Swim pool because dogs who love water will be thrilled with the heavy duty strudy, yet foldable pool. The pups loved to play in the Tunnel, I think it’s great because it isn’t so big that it makes it hard to enjoy.
STAY AWAY from raw hide is the biggest thing I can say. AND any chew from China.
Life’s Abundance has a selection of treats perfect for chewing and training.

My dogs LOVE these BONES

Out and About, Training and Help

we fulfill all your needs

The Leash is an important thing to be comfortable for you hand. I’ve done a lot of walking of dogs and comfort for you is a must.

Get a clicker to continue to train your pup. They know how to use it. Don’t forget to get the treats. Tasty treats from Life’s Abundance, boiled chicken, cheese and their kibble I what I use.​

​There are so many styles of dishes. some that stay put and together is handy but the heavy crock is another nice option. Get something cute that you like to look at. You see it every day 2x a day. Be sure to wash it often, dog spit gets gross.
Use the foot bath the the doggy chamois together

​I love the black light idea. I need one!
I posted Some Puppy Culture books here also for ease of ordering.

There are so many reports of dog attacks in the dog parks and I know many of you either need to use them or really enjoy them. Therefore, I have an idea that will make me feel better, knowing you having the tazar flashlight on hand for any possible aggressions.

I have added Adaptil on here because Puppy Culture has taught me that this really works. Settle your pups anxieties.

Cleaning, always cleaning

we fulfill all your needs

I use Safeguard to worm all of my dogs from 6 weeks old and up.

There are charts to find the correct dose for your dog. Worming your dog is important every 2 months until 1yr then 2x a year.​

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Testing. DNA Genetic health, Breed and Traits

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I believe Breeders need to be responsible and genetically health clear their dog before breeding them. Whether we buy the test or purchase our dogs from Reptuable Breeders who do.

*We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.